Our video "What Is Love?", directed by Ari Takahashi, just won First Prize as "Best Costumes, Makeup", received a nomination as "Best Music Video" at the PARIS PLAY FILM FESTIVAL 2022

and is among the 5 best music videos at the ROME PRISMA FILM AWARDS 2022!



(we are the support)

We have finally realized the most coveted dream of every musician: our first disc of original songs has not yet been presented and is already “UNOBTAINABLE”.

We have found a way to defeat piracy: we have not published it. And we won't!

Our physical disk is us.

Every time you want to listen to it you have to come to one of our concerts. The other night at 3 o'clock a friend, unable to sleep, wanted to listen to it and we had to go to his house, luckily he fell asleep on the third song! Once upon a time we spent whole afternoons in the listening booths of vinyl stores, devouring the newly released records in the headphones, we put aside the weekly allowance to buy the emotion of the month, our favorite record. Music was the soundtrack and nourishment of our days. In return we gave it value, presence, importance. Time. We have stopped doing it and we have taken away its dignity and recognition, the records are no longer being sold and live music venues are closing. Music is dying and with it culture, emotion and aggregation. Because all this needs "presence". So here's our solution: Let's take off our slippers, turn off Netflix and get up! Because one thing will never be reproducible: the human being. The emotion and the exchange that are possible between the artist and the audience in a live concert cannot be captured by any external support. Come and listen to our record. We are the listening booth.

Listen to our one and only released song!


Singer, musical and theatrical author.

Previously leader of “Bianca Blues & the 7 Souls”, she founded “Sara Berni Blues Band” in 2014.  Her band has been scheduled every month ever since by the italian House of Blues based in Rome (Big Mama) and considered the best representative blues band for our country. It has been also chosen to represent the Blues and its contaminations in the American Art Festival "OnStage!" twinned with New York.


“Do Not Open – It May Contain Traces Of Music” published in 2016 is his fourth fingerstyle solo album. As a solo performer he has played all across Italy and abroad, including: performer he has played all across Italy and abroad, including: Usa, France, Croatia, UK, Scotland and Wales, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland.

He shared the stage with the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Lukather of Toto, Louisiana Red, Roberto Ciotti, Alex Britti, Massimo Urbani, Steve Wynn and many others.


"Best unknown players out there? There's a guy in Italy, called Daniele Bazzani, who plays well, really well". (Tommy Emmanuel)

"Sara Berni Blues Band, flagship band of the Italian House of Blues (Big Mama Rome) is the most interesting Italian blues group,

which has been able to create a strong musical identity

by reinterpreting the American matrix."

(OnStage! Festival of American art in Italy 2019)

The Next Promo Incentive agency sends Sara Berni, from Sting and his band, the compliments for the splendid opening of the concert held in Cape Town, South Africa, on September 30th 2000”.

"Daniele, you're one of the most tasteful, beautiful players. I'm glad to know you and look forward to seeing you again." (Linda Manzer)


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